Help for Adults


Does TalkKing provide services for adult clients?

Are you looking for a clinic that specializes in improving the communication for adults, but are hesitant to begin? We can provide therapy services that meet your unique needs. The first step is to arrange a free consultation with us to determine your specific communication difficulties and a plan to address them.  

Services for Adults

Adults who contact us are generally concerned with improving communication skills in the work environment.  Concerns include stuttering, mispronouncing speech sounds, accent reduction, voice quality, and language usage.  Sometimes clients aren't sure exactly what they want and are looking for professional guidance as to how to improve verbal performance. We listen to and evaluate your speech and language skills to determine areas that may need strengthening.  You can improve your delivery of speech by changing multiple dynamics, such as rate of speech, pausing, posture, or honing the use of formal language needed in the business environment.

Rehabilitative services

Typically, individuals who have suffered an injury to the brain receive services from a speech pathologist in the hospital setting where they are being treated for a debilitating condition.  People suffering from strokes or brain injuries from accidents and other issues have rehabilitative services as inpatients , then arrangements are made for outpatient services, usually in the same hospital. If you would like outpatient service in a different setting, contact us to see if we can help. 

Memory and language

As we age, there is a normal decline in our memory and cognitive skills.  It is normal to notice that our memory skills are not as sharp as they used to be, but sometimes it may be more than that.  Are you worried? Be assured that there are many medical reasons that may affect your memory and language skills and address these concerns with your physician.  Please contact TalkKing if you have concerns or questions in this area and we will help you find the guidance that you need.


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