SpeechEasy® AntiStuttering device


SpeechEasy® is an electronic stuttering inhibiting device that looks like and is worn like a hearing aid. It delivers Altered Auditory Feedback (AAF): a combination of Delayed Auditory Feedback and Frequency Altered Feedback. The SpeechEasy® stuttering inhibiting device can immediately reduce the frequency and severity of stuttering with minimal effort. Some people are more responsive to AAF than others. An assessment allows you to try a stuttering inhibiting device and to evaluate, together with the Speech-Language Pathologist, its effects on your stuttering, before investing in a stuttering inhibiting device. Find out how we can help. Contact us now.

SpeechEasy® is suitable/intended for older adolescents and adults, and can be considered for some older school-age children. It is possible for some children to benefit from wearing a SpeechEasy® device; however, it should not be the first treatment to be tried. The child’s maturity, responsibility, and motivation are considered when assessing suitability. Speech therapy history is another important consideration. A child who is already working with a Speech-Language Pathologist can be supported in using the device to derive the most benefit.

Will it work for me?

  No single treatment method is suited to everyone who stutters. Treatment for stuttering is a personal choice made by individual clients who are adequately informed of their options. TalkKing Speech Therapy is a licensed distributor for SpeechEasy® throughout Wisconsin.  While SpeechEasy® may not be suitable for every person who stutters, it has helped many speak with greater fluency and confidence. Contact Us about a SpeechEasy® assessment so you can evaluate if this treatment option will work for you.  We’re here to help! 

See our clients speak for themselves

Are you interested in hearing how the SpeechEasy® anti-stuttering device has worked for our clients.   Check here to listen to clients that use the device.