The Lidcombe Program


Direct Therapy for Preschool children who Stutter

 The Lidcombe Program is an evidence-based treatment for preschool-age children who are stuttering. Therapy is carried out by a parent in the home environment under the guidance of a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP). The SLP coaches the parent on how to carry out the therapy in the safe and appropriate way. Changes and adjustments are made to therapy at weekly visits, based on observed changes in the child’s speech. Once the child no longer exhibits stuttering, the Program shifts to ensuring that progress is maintained over a long period of time. The parent assumes greater responsibility during this time, monitoring for and responding to signs of relapse. Clinic visits are shorter in duration and are scheduled at gradually longer time intervals, provided the child remains free of stuttering. The therapy is carefully withdrawn over the span of about one year. The Lidcombe Program is suited to some school-age children who stutter.

Who is a candidate for the Lidcombe Program

Children under the age of six are the best candidates for this direct treatment program.  Has your child been stuttering for  more than four months and it seems to be getting worse? Depending upon your preschooler's maturity level, s/he may be ready for this type of intervention with you, the parent, the biggest shaper of fluent speech behaviors! Children who are four years old are at an ideal age to begin this program.  Click here for more information about the Lidcombe program.